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On Set With LoveYouLater and Sophia Lauer

Many of the best creative outputs come from close collaboration, and the working relationship between dream pop artist LoveYouLater and director Sophia Lauer is proof of this time-tested truth. As young artists, they’re part of a new generation of creatives who are working together to bring their visionary ideas to life. Most recently, they joined forces to create LoveYouLater’s music video for “Emily - Stripped,” a song about love, heartbreak, and letting go. We went behind the scenes to document the making of the video, which was directed by Lauer and produced by Squarespace.

Though they originally met through mutual friends, LoveYouLater reached out to Lauer after seeing her portfolio, and the two have since worked together on several projects. From the start of their ideation for “Emily - Stripped,” both women wanted the set and visuals to reflect the mood of the song, opting for a minimalistic, performance-based video.

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For Lauer, the running goal of the project was always to create a memorable experience. “When someone hears your music, they’re reminded of the images that you put out, and your artistry as a whole,” says Lauer. Similarly, LoveYouLater wanted the song, visuals, and branding to come together as a cohesive universe for the viewer. 

Across all their work, both women allow their definitions of success to be flexible. Right now, LoveYouLater is finding success in being able to create the music she wants to be making. For Lauer, it’s defined by her approach to her work—pushing forward and consistently striving to hone a creative vision. Through their close collaboration on “Emily - Stripped,” both creators produced a video that they feel represents themselves as artists.

You can go behind the scenes of their collaboration and see the finished product by watching the video above.

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